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Direct Port Delivery

Direct Port Delivery

Direct Port Delivery (DPD) facility was introduced to create Ease of Doing Business for its customers. DPD facilitates a container to be picked up from the port terminal without the conventional steps of transferring to a Container Freight Stations (CFS) for customs formalities. This helps importers save on inventory cost, time and decongests the port roads.

# Name View
1 DPD and DPE Report for the month of September 2021 View
2 AEO DPD Importer Minimum Deposit list View
3 List of common codes of CFSs at JN Port View
4 List of DPD parties View
5 Procedure for indicating DPD CFS code in ial View
6 list of common codes for DPD agencies View
7 DPD parties registered at JNPCT View
8 Help line numbers of JNPCT for DPD issues View
9 trade notice on common codes for DPD agencies View
10 AGS PPT for stake holders View
11 SOP of gate automation system View
12 Trade notice on DPD transport solution View
13 Procedure for truck and driver registration in AGS View
14 trade notice for gate automation system View
15 Online submission of documents for release of DPD containers View
16 pin system procedure View
17 procedure to open PD account View
18 Corrigendum to trade notice dtd. 12.9.17 on DPD View
19 user guide for stakeholder registration View
20 PCS payment user gide View
21 Trade notice on charges for DPD containers at JNPCT View
22 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for DPD for JNPCT View
23 public notices issued by jnpt in respect of direct port delivery (DPD) View
24 Information about nodal officers' for DPD View
25 Form for registration of DPD agency with JNPCT View
26 Direct Port Delivery at JNPCT View
27 Public notices issued by customs in respect of Direct Port Delivery (DPD) View
28 Form for registration of DPD agency with JNPCT View
29 direct port delivery registration procedure View
30 Online DPD registration procedure View
31 List willing importers for THC payment including consent withdrawn importers View
32 Trade Notice on payment of THC by importers View
33 Consent to levy THC View
34 Procedure to submit Consent to JNPT to levy of THC View
35 FAQ regarding THC billing to importers View
36 Form for registration of Exporters at JNPT View
37 Registration Procedure for an Exporter View
38 Trade Notice reg. Terminal handling charges of DPD containers at JNPCT View
39 Trade Notice dtd. 24.3.2020 regarding concessions View
40 Addendum to the Trade Notice dtd. 24.3.2020 View
41 Relaxations extended by JNPT due to lock down View
42 List of ONLY willing importers for THC billing excluding (removing) withdrawn parties View
43 JNPT Trade Advisory dtd. 11.04.2020 on movement of DPD containers to ICD Mulund and ICD Tarapur View
44 List of DPD containers moved to ICD Mulund as per Customs PN View
45 JNPT Trade Notice dtd. 17.04.2020 on en-block movement of CFs containers View
46 JNPT Trade Notice dtd. 12.05.2020 on extension of relaxations to Trade View
47 Form for willingness for levy of THC by Terminals for DPE parties View
48 Form for Registration of SEZ View
49 SOP for Registration of SEZ View
50 SOP for sampling of DPD containers- JNPCT View
51 Trade Notice on implementation of PN 57 at JNPCT View
52 List of SEZ regd with JNPT View
53 List of common codes of ICD destinations View