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Ease of Doing Business

JNPT is the number one container Port in India and among the top 30 major container Ports globally. The Port is constantly evolving to simplify and streamline processes with fully automated and integrated container services along with seamless connectivity, ensuring total transparency and Ease of Doing Business.


India’s largest container terminal handled

5.13 mn teus

in FY 18


Ranked 28nd

among the top 100 Container Ports in the world

Handles more than


of the overall containerized traffic across all major Ports in India


Operating 4

Terminals being operated by global players one liquid terminal

Connected with

33 CFSs & 46 ICDs


Aims to enhance overall Port capacity to

10 Million TEUs

by 2022-23

Cost Effective and Speedier Movement of Consignments

JNPT has achieved the distinction as 'India's most economical Port' due to its constant endeavour to ensure minimal turnaround time, so that our customers derive maximum benefits with our best efforts.

Direct Port Entry (Dpe)

Direct Port Entry (DPE) Ensures Unhindered Entry For Export Containers

  • Created dedicated parking to complete the documentation process with customs conveniently
  • To reduce the transaction costs, TTs have to pay just. 60/- for 8 hours of parking instead of routing the cargo to buffer yards with higher costs
  • Almost 75% port users are availing this facility
  • RFID tagging at holding yards making TT’s entry smooth and direct to JN Port
  • Exporters can now plan their cargo movements in a better way, saving time and fuel costs, there by reducing pollution and congestion
  • This has led to decongestion of port roads and gates
Radiological Detection Equipment (Rde)

Radiological Detection Equipment (RDE) Helps Faster Evacuation Of Corridors.

  • In keeping with international safety standards, JNPT is the only Port in India to install RDE for screening containers, promoting a hassle-free inspection and evacuation of cargo
  • With this, JNPT has become 100% secure in the complete scanning of hazardous materials
  • To reduce scanner detention time and speedier evacuation of containers, JNPT is installing additional 3 container scanners at a cost of ?.150 crore
Direct Port Delivery (Dpd)

Direct Port Delivery (DPD) Creates A Smooth Gateway For Import Containers.

  • Cost per TEU in transaction, inventory and container detention has reduced substantially with a net saving of Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/-
  • Import Dwell Time has reduced drastically to just 1.5 days from the earlier 7-8 days
  • Registration/renewal can be done online through Terminal websites
  • Elimination of minimum volume criteria has increased DPD users from a mere 11 to 778 in just one year, which caters to almost 60% of total import duty
  • DPD reduces costs and expedites delivery of consignments to Importers
Tractor Trailers

Inter-Terminal Movement Of Tractor Trailers For Seamless Connectivity Within The Port.

  • Inter-terminal Movement of TTs allows sideways movement between all the 4 Terminals.
  • This saves 7.5 km run per road trip thereby enabling two commercial transactions in one trip.
  • This has led to huge savings for trade.
  • The optimum utilization of TTs has resulted in 10% reduction of the number of TTs on JN Port roads.
  • This has also lead to faster turnaround time, lower fuel consumption, and reduction in pollution and congestion.
  • Every day almost 1000 trucks avail this facility.
Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Automates Entry Without Human Interaction.

  • All the 4 terminals at JNPT are having RFID based gate entry tagging
  • This facilitates hassle-free entry in the terminal area without any manual verification as all documentation formalities are completed in the holding yards
  • Transaction time has been reduced to less than 1 minute from the earlier 5 minutes.
Movement of Containers

Movement of Containers By Rail To Reduce Congestion On Roads.

  • JNPT is encouraging the movement of containers by rail, offering better connectivity to trade
  • To facilitate 'Modal Shift', JNPCT has equalized the rates for containers moving by rail and road
  • The movement of containers by rail has reduced the load on JNPort roads by 4%
  • This has reduced congestion and pollution in and around JN Port
Speedy Clearance

All Regulatory Agencies under One Roof for Speedy Clearance.

  • Animal Quarantine, Plant Quarantine, Textile Committee, Drug Controller and FSSAI has been allotted land/office space to set up their labs at JN Port
  • This initiative will ensure speedy clearance of cargo.

Digitization & Automation

JN Port, in line with the Digital India initiative has initiated several reforms towards being a paperless Port, which would also help in easing out processes for doing business with the Port.

Navis Sparcs N4

Navis Sparcs N4 Helps Streamline Terminal Operating Systems Efficiently

  • Its flexible configuration enables rapid deployment and accelerates implementation.
  • The multi-facility capability standardizes and centralizes hardware and software infrastructure, IT administration, and common business functions across multiple operations.
Igm Filing System

Integration of Igm Filing System with Terminal Operating System

  • JNPT has integrated Customs IGM EDI message with its Terminal Operating System along with Bill of Entry and Out of Charge messages.
  • This has facilitated exchange of information electronically instead of manual billing.
  • It ensures speedier and safer processing of information for trade.
Igm Filing System

E-Delivery Orders (E-Do) Saves Time and Cost for Chs/Consignees.

  • All Shipping Lines have implemented issuance of e-DO instead of manual handing over of Delivery Orders to CHAs & CFSs
  • Consignee/CHA need not stand in queue at shipping agency's counters for document submission, payment & verification, which normally takes more time
  • This has reduced waiting time for CHS/Consignees, congestion and pollution due to reduction in non-port traffic at JN Port roads thereby saving of costs
Igm Filing System

Transparency & Trade Empowerment

JNPT assures total transparency to its customers through digitization of its operations. Empowering trade and providing satisfactory services to customers is at the core of our commitment.

Disclosure of Tariffs

Disclosure of Tariffs By Shipping Lines And Cfss

  • To give a competitive advantage to trade, JNPT uploads tariffs levied by CFSs, Shipping Lines and Terminal Operators on its website under the link 'INFO/TARIFF’
  • With this initiative trade is empowered to have competitive advantage
Logistic Data Bank Tagging

Logistic Data Bank Tagging For Tracking Containers

  • JNPT is the first Indian Port to implement Logistics Data Bank Tagging of containers
  • This provides real time information about location and movement of containers while in transit
  • It also brings more accountability and transparency enabling customers to do advance planning of their business