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# Proposed Tariff View
1 Proposal submitted to TAMP by JNPT for revision of general tariff view
2 Circular-Raising Of Provisional Invoices At The Old Rates view
3 Trade Notice view
4 The Draft Tariff Guidelines 2019 view
5 Trade Notice-Tariff revision of JNPT view
6 Revised proposed scale of rates-FY 2019-20 view
7 Proposed scale of rate-Estate related item view
# Tariff Name View
1 container freight stations view
2 miscellaneous charges view
3 motor vehicle charges view
4 dry bulk cargo charges view
5 container related charges view
6 jawaharlal nehru port trust (jnpt)-vessel related charges view
7 jawaharlal nehru port trust (jnpt)-estate related charges view
8 stevedoring and shore handling services view
9 jawaharlal nehru port trust (jnpt)-general condition view
10 container train operators view
11 shipping services view
12 Corrigendum dated 13th February 2018 issued by TAMP to the Stevedoring SoR view
13 Revised Rental Charges as per Gazette No. 219 dated 18.06.2020 view