Employee Development

JNPA has a workforce of more than 600 employees who work at the Port and its related services, tirelessly contributing towards making JNPA a global brand in the maritime sector. The workers in the past laid a solid foundation for the Port to build on and the workforce that followed have carried JNPA ahead one milestone after the other and the journey continues scaling new heights! JNPA is conscious of an integral part that the employees are to the Port and provide the required support to enrich their work.The most important aspect is the safety of people while at work and JNPA strictly follows all the mandatory guidelines and processes when it comes to operations and equipment used. Quality checks, regular safety mock drills and awareness regarding safety practices are regularly conducted in the Port.

We are also mindful that the surroundings and work culture impact the calibre of the person, so we have taken a large number of measures in this regard by providing Township facility, recreational centres, sports facilities amongst other things. JNPA is the first Port to provide AC bus facility for its employees.

On the professional front, we have introduced PRIDE –Leadership Dialogue & Communication, Employee Appreciation & Recognition. This program has a dual aim, one, to create a communication framework for all employees to interact with the management in a structured manner and with a set frequency and second, to recognize and appreciate individual employees and the team who have achieved specific contribution beyond the normal scope of work.

We also have many skill enhancement workshops and training programs that are conducted internally by different departments, and we also recommend nominations of employees to attend relevant training courses at the JNPA–APEC training Centre.

The JNPA– Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation is a co-operation between JNPA (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority), APEC the Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Centre and the Port of Antwerp. This institute was started to provide state of the art infrastructure and training modules at par with global standards to Port professionals in India and abroad. Apart from the key aspects of port operations, the underlying focus is to enhance and develop skills for Business development Strategies and Marketing and also instilling behavioural changes to lead effectively in the fast-changing business environment.

Our commitment towards the welfare of our workforce is an on-going effort and we are always looking for new programs, processes or developments which we can implement in order to make JNPA the foremost choice among port professionals.