# Agency Code Agency Name
1. ASH1 A S shipping agencies pvt ltd
2. ASR1 Asr india pvt ltd
3. BEL1 Beta lines shipping (mumbai) pv lt
4. BEN1 Ben line agencies (india) pvt. ltd.
5. BFS1 Wilhelmsen maritime services pvt lt
6. BLM1 Blue marlin container line pvt ltd
7. BMT1 Bharat mumbai cntr terminal pvt ltd
8. BSR3 Babaji shivram clearing & carriers
9. BSS1 Bhavani shipping services i pvt ltd
10. BWS1 Blue world shipping agencies pvt ltd
11. CAP1 Chakiat agencies pvt. ltd
12. CAR1 Caravel logistics pvt ltd
13. CCA1 Cma cgm agencies (i) pltd-a/c cma
14. CCL3 Care container lines pvt ltd
15. CEE1 Ceekay line
16. CEL1 Cel logistics pvt ltd
17. CEY1 Ceyline shipping services pvt ltd
18. CFI1 Clear freight international pvt ltd
19. CMA1 M/S.container marine agencies.
20. CNR1 Container corpn of india ltd.
21. CNR2 Concor
22. CNR3 Concor(exclusively for shipping)
23. COC1 Custom department
24. CSI1 China shipping india private ltd.
25. CSP1 Cosco (india) shipping
26. CSP3 Cosco (india) shipping pvt ltd
27. CSS1 Combined shipping services pvt. ltd
28. CWC2 Central warehousing corp. (for lcl)
29. DBS1 Darabshaw b. cursetjees & sons
30. DCL1 Demco container line pvt ltd
31. ECM1 Econship marine pvt ltd
32. EGI1 Evergreen shipping agency (india)
33. EMU1 Emu lines pvt. ltd.
34. ESA1 Emirates shipping agencies(i) p ltd
35. EWC1 Expressway cargo movers pvt ltd
36. FCI1 Freight connection india pvt ltd
37. FFL1 Fairfreight lines pvt ltd
38. FIE1 Fourcee Infrastructure Equipments
39. FML1 First Maritime Pvt Ltd
40. FRM1 Fairmacs Shipng & Transport Pvt Ltd
41. FSA1 Faredeal Shipping Agencies
42. FUL1 Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics P Ltd
43. GAC1 Gac Shipping (India) Pvt Ltd.
44. GAC3 Gac Shipping (India) Pvt Ltd.
45. GAJ1 Ambuja Cements Ltd
46. GLW1 Globe Link Ww India Pvt. Ltd.
47. GMP1 Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd
48. GRL1 Gateway Rail Freight Limited
49. GRM3 Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd
50. GTI1 Gateway Terminals India Pvt. Ltd.
51. HAS1 Hash Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
52. HDJ1 Harvard Global Logistics Ltd
53. HEE1 Heenal Container Lines Pvt Ltd
54. HLI1 Hapag Lloyd India Pvt Ltd
55. HMM1 Hyundai Merchant Marine India P Ltd
56. HSI1 Hamburg Sud India Pvt Ltd
57. HTS1 Hind Terminals Pvt Ltd
58. HUL1 Hub & Liks Logistics (I) Pvt Ltd
59. IAL3 Ial Logistics India Limited
60. ICD2 Icd Planning Section
61. ICL1 Indus Container Lines Pvt. Ltd
62. INA1 Interasia Shipping Lines India P L
63. IND1 Indial Shipping Pvt Ltd
64. INX1 Inox Shipping Agencies (India) P L
65. IRI3 Irisl India Pvt Ltd
66. ISS1 Iss Shipping India Pvt Ltd
67. JFS1 St. John Freight Systems Ltd
68. JMB1 Shipping Corporation Of India Ltd.
69. JMB2 J M Baxi & Co.
70. JMC1 James Mackintosh & Co.
71. JNPC Jnp Suspense Credits March 2015
72. JOV1 Jovian Container Lines Pvt Ltd
73. KKK1 K Line (India) Pvt Ltd
74. KMD1 Kmtc (India) Pvt. Ltd.
75. KOD1 Kodi Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
76. KSL1 K Steamship Agencies
77. LAN1 Lancer Container Lines Pvt Ltd
78. LCL1 Lcl Logistix (India) Pvt Ltd
79. LMR1 Logistic Maritime Services Llp
80. LNL1 Star Shipping Service (I) P Ltd-Lnl
81. MAK1 Mak Shipping Services Pvt Ltd
82. MAS1 Mas Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
83. MCS1 Marine Container Services (I) Pvt.
84. MMT1 Majestic Maritime Pvt Ltd
85. MOL1 Mitsui Osk Line (India) Pvt Ltd
86. MON1 Montana Shipping & Chartering P Ltd
87. MSB1 Msa Shipping Pvt Ltd
88. MSC1 Msc Agency India Pvt Ltd
89. MSK1 Maersk Line India Pvt Ltd
90. MSK3 Maersk Line India Pvt Ltd
91. MSL1 Moonstar Lines Pvt Ltd
92. MSS1 Merchant Shipping Services Pvt
93. MUS1 Muskan Container Lines Pvt Ltd
94. NAV1 Navio Shipping Pvt Ltd
95. NCL1 Neptune Container Line & Logistics
96. NCT1 Nhava Sheva Internl Cont. Terml
97. NCT2 Nhava Sheva (I) Gateway Terminal
98. NMI1 Noma Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
99. NOB1 Noble Shipping Pvt Ltd
100. NOV1 Novel Lines And Logistics Pvt Ltd
101. NPO1 Newport India Pvt Ltd
102. NSH1 Nashaid Logistics & Shipping Pvt Lt
103. NYK1 Nyk Line (India) Pvt Ltd
104. OAI1 Opal Asia India Pvt Ltd
105. OCL1 Oocl (Orient Overseas Contr Lines)
106. OMA1 Omega Shipping Agencies Pvt.Ltd.
107. ONE1 One (Ocean Network Express) Line
108. ONG1 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
109. OPD1 Opus Dei Logistics (I) Pvt Ltd
110. OPL1 Opal Asia Shipping Agencies (India)
111. ORC1 Orchid Shipping Pvt Ltd
112. ORC3 Orchid Shipping Pvt Ltd
113. ORS1 Orient Ship Agency Pvt.Ltd.
114. OSL1 Osl Shipping Agency
115. OSR1 Osprey Shipping Pvt Ltd
116. PAA1 Pan Asia Logistics India Pvt Ltd
117. PCT1 Percept Shipping & Logistics P Ltd
118. PGD1 Progredire Shipping Pvt Ltd
119. PIL2 Pil Mumbai Private Ltd
120. PMA3 Parekh Marine Services Pvt Ltd
121. PMM1 Paramount Maritime Agency Pvt Ltd
122. POS1 Poseidon Shipping Agency Pvt Ltd
123. PRD1 Prudential Global Logistics Pvt Ltd
124. PRI1 Primo Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
125. PSS1 Perma Shipping Line (I)Pltd-Singapor
126. PTS1 Porttrade Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
127. RCA1 Rcl Agencies (India) Pvt Ltd
128. RCL1 Regal Container Line Pvt Ltd
129. RDM1 Radiant Maritime India Pvt.Ltd.
130. RRS1 Rr Shipping Private Limited
131. RSA1 Relay Shipping Agency Ltd
132. RSS1 Rashi Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
133. RVH1 Samsara Shipping
134. SAM4 Samsara Shipping Pvt Ltd
135. SAR1 Sarjak Container Lines Pvt. Ltd.
136. SBM3 Seabridge Marine Agencies Pvt Ltd
137. SBW1 Sbw Logistics Pvt Ltd
138. SEA1 Sea Express Shipping Agencies Pvt
139. SEC1 Sea Consortium Shipping (India)
140. SHS1 Sea Horse Ship Agencies Pvt Ltd .
141. SHS3 Seahorse Ship Agencies Pvt Ltd
142. SHW1 Sea Hawk Lines Pvt Ltd
143. SIT1 Sitara Shipping Ltd .
144. SLG1 Swiftline Global Logistics Pvt Ltd
145. SLN1 Smera Lines Llp
146. SLP1 Seahawk Logistics Pvt. Ltd
147. SMC1 Sea Marine Logistics Pvt Ltd
148. SMD1 Samudera Shipping Line Ltd (Ssl)
149. SME1 Sm Line Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd
150. SMG1 Smart Marine Services Pvt Ltd
151. SMM1 Sima Marine India
152. SMN1 Simons Shipping Pvt Ltd
153. SMP1 S M Container Lines Pvt Ltd
154. SMR3 Seaworld Shipping And Logistices
155. SMS1 Samudera Shipping Line (I) Pvt Ltd
156. SNR1 Sinokar Line
157. SPM1 M/S.Speedy Multimodes Ltd
158. SPO1 Seaport Lines (India) Pvt Ltd
159. SRG1 Sarang Maritime Logistics Pvt Ltd
160. SRS1 Shreyas Relay Systems Ltd -Srs1
161. SRS3 Shreyas Relay Systems Ltd
162. SSA1 Seaikon Shipping Agency Pvt. Ltd
163. SSD1 Seaspeed Container Lines Pvt Ltd
164. SSL3 Shreyas Shipping And Logistics Ltd
165. STD1 Sea Trade Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
166. STD3 Sea Trade Shipping (India) Pvt Ltd
167. STL1 J M Baxi & Company
168. SUN1 Sundersons Logistics Pvt Ltd
169. SWL1 Seaways Liner Agencies Pvt Ltd
170. SYS1 Systematic Logistics Pvt Ltd
171. SZS1 7 Zone Shipping Line (I) Pvt Ltd
172. TAS1 Transasian Shippingservices Pvt Ltd
173. TFS3 Transcon Freight System Pvt. Ltd
174. TGS1 Transworld Global Logistics - Blpl
175. TGS3 Transworld Global Logistics-Orient
176. TGS4 Transworld Global Logistics - Mbf
177. TLI1 Transliner India Pvt Ltd
178. TLL1 Taurus Lines Pvt Ltd
179. TMA1 Transmarine Agencies India Pvt Ltd
180. TOM1 Toms Shipping & Logistics Pvt Ltd
181. TOT1 Total Transport System Pvt. Ltd.
182. TOT3 Total Transport Systems Ltd
183. TPL1 Tlpl Shipping & Logistics -K Cargo
184. TRL1 Transliner Maritime Pvt Ltd
185. TSI1 T S Lines (India) Pvt Ltd
186. TWF1 Transworld Shipping Agencies P Ltd
187. TWS3 Transworld Shipping & Logistics Ltd
188. UCL1 United Container Lines (India) Pltd
189. ULS1 United Liner Shipping Services Llp
190. USC1 United Arab Shipping Company
191. USC1 United Arab Shipping Company
192. VBI1 V Bird Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
193. VCN1 V-Can Logistics Solutions Pvt Ltd
194. VIP1 Vip Container Line Pvt Ltd
195. WHI1 Wan Hai Lines (India) Pvt Ltd
196. WIN1 Winwin Maritime Pvt Ltd
197. YML1 Yang Ming Line (India) Pvt Limited
198. ZIS1 Zim Integrated Shipping Services.
199. ZWF1 Zim World Freight Private Limited