Standard Operating Procedure for Entry of Store Supplies Through South Gate of JNPA, For Delivering Them in Main Stores


  1. Purchase orders will be placed by JNPA on the successful bidders for supplying the specified materials and the supplier shall arrange to deliver the said material at Main Stores, JNPA, Sheva, Tal: Uran, Navi Mumbai- 400707.

  2. The suppliers may contact the Main Stores, JNPA on 022-6781 5127/ 022-6781 27245203 or 022-27245127/ 022-27245203 indicating the date & time of delivery of said materials.

  3. While dispatching the materials, the supplier may send a request on email: spsingh[at]jnport[dot]com; kishorethul[at]jnport[dot]com, for arranging to send a Gate Pass at the time of arrival of the vehicle at the South Gate of JNPA.

  4. At least 2 hours before the arrival of the vehicle at South gate, the supplier shall forward scanned copies of the Purchase order, delivery challan/ Invoice, RC book, Insurance & PUC of the vehicle, Driver’s License, ID proof (PAN CARD/ AADHAR CARD/ Driving License) of persons accompanying the materials, for preparing the Port entry permit.

  5. Alternatively, the supplier/ transporter shall arrange to send all these documents with the person accompanying the items to be supplied and approach Asstt. Manager (Materials) or Manager (Materials) in the Administration Building, JNPA, Sheva, for getting the Port entry Permit.

  6. The supplier/ transporter shall physically produce the above-mentioned documents for port entry permit duly recommended by M(Materials)/ AM(Materials)/ AM(Stores), to the CISF official in the Pass section and obtain permission for Port entry to deliver the Materials mentioned in the P.O/ Invoice in Main Stores of JNPA.

  7. The timings for Port entry to the Stores suppliers through the South gate of JNPA will be from 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs and from 1400 to 1600 hrs.

  8. After completion of Gate Pass procedure, CISF personnel will make entry of the material in the CISF Register, stamp on the delivery challan and allow the materials with the vehicle to pass through South Gate. Again the material entry is made in CISF Register at Main Stores Gate.

  9. On receipt of material, the staff in ‘Collection, Inspection & Receipt Cell’ of Main Storesverifies the following:
    i) Delivery Challan. ii) Invoice if submitted. iii) Quantity of delivered material. iv) Other technical data as per Purchase Order such as Test Reports etc.

  10. The supplier/ Transporter will hand over the original Delivery challan duly stamped by CISF to Main Stores and will take back the second copy of the delivery challan duly acknowledged with Receipt stamp and signatures of staff and Officer of Main Stores.

  11. In case the supplier/ Transporter cannot produce the copy of Invoice or delivery challan to CISF while entering the Port (in cases where the Invoice & Delivery challan are kept inside the packing of consignment) then in such cases, the supplier/ Transporter shall take copies of the relevant documents at Main Stores and hand over a copy of the same to the CISF personnel at South Gate while going out.

  12. For Light Weight material sent through Courier: Above procedure will be followed. In case Delivery challan/ Invoice copies are not available, then a copy of PO duly endorsed by AM (Main Stores)/ AM (Materials)/ M (Materials) shall be submitted at CISF gate. However, a copy of Delivery challan/ Invoice has to be submitted in the CISF gate after receipt /Inspection of Material at Main Stores, on the same day.