Vadhvan Port

Maharashtra has only two major ports i.e. Mumbai and Jawahar Lal Nehru Port (JNPA) and Mumbai Port are constrained in the evacuation of cargo for the past several decades due to the development of the city around it as well as due to limited depths in the harbour which allows only small ships to berth. The Arabian coast at Vadhvan towards the north of Mumbai is most suitable and ideal for the development of a new port where natural a depth of 20 Meters is available at a distance of about 4 ½ nautical miles. The location is about 10 Km from the National Railway grid and about 35-40 Km from NH8. The JNPA has proposed to develop Vadhvan Port along with the participation of Govt of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Maritime Board and an MOU were signed on 5th June 2015 to set up a new port at Vadhvan as a Major Port to be notified under the Indian Ports Act 1908 by Government of India. This port will be jointly implemented by JNPA and Maharashtra Maritime Board with a shareholding of 74% and 26% respectively. The port will be developed based on Landlord Port.

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Benefits of the Project::

Development of a new major port at the West coast of India, with a draft of 18 Meters, for handling all cargos.


Certificate of Incorporation
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Gazette Notification
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Location Plan
Need for deep draft port

  1. Size of container ship is increasing, requiring deep draft of 18 to 20 mtr.
  2. No port in India has the draft to accommodate the largest container ship.
  3. Deep draft port will give advantage of economy of scale and will reduce the logistics cost.
  4. JNPA will exhaust its full capacity of 10 Mn TEUs (for mid size vessels only) and cannot be dredged further from the 15 mtr draft.
  5. In order to be one of the top 10 container ports in the world, port with capacity to handle container vessels of size 16,000 TEU and above with deep draft from 18 to 20 mtr is essential
  6. 7 of the top 10 container ports are in China with Shanghai as no. 1 handling container volume of 40 million TEUs.
  7. Not having a deep draft port results in shipping lines bypassing India thereby increasing the transhipment of Indian cargo.
  8. The Vadhvan Port has potential to be amongst the Top 10 Container Ports in the World.

Proposed Port of Vadhvan

  • Proposed Vadhvan Port is located near Dahanu, abutting northern boundary of Maharashtra, Palghar District and 150 Kms from Mumbai, with co-ordinates Latitude 19?55.8’N and Longitude 72?39.6’E.
  • The proposed Vadhvan Port has a potential to cater the vast hinterland region covering states of: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Western parts of Madhya Pradesh and North Indian states.

Vadhvan Port Limits
Salient features of Vadhvan Port site

  • Development of a Port at Vadhvan has been concieved under Sagarmala Programe an inititiave of the the Govt. Of India to augment Port Led Development and Development of Coast Lines to contribute in India‘s growth.
  • The objective is to augment and develop Green Field Port to handle growing traffic demand of Major Ports at West Coast.
  • The new Port at Vadhvan will be developed as a deep draught Port to cater to large container, bulk and crude vessels.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority signed a MoU with Maharashtra Maritime Board for development of Vadhvan Port.
  • The Proposed Port is located at Vadhvan point near Dahanu in the District of Palghar, Maharashtra.

Advantages of Vadhvan Port site

  • A natural water depth of 20 Mtrs is available at a distance of 10 km and 15 Mtrs contour is available at 6 km from the shore, which allows safe voyage and mooring for the new generation vesels.
  • No capital dredging required in navigational channel & harbour area as draft of 18 m is naturally available.
  • 1,473 ha. (3639.86 acres) land will be reclaimed & 571 Ha (1410.97 acres) land consists of private, tribal, forest and Govt land will be acquired for rail and road connectivity. In addition 1000 Ha Govt land will be available for Port related facilities.
  • Mumbai Delhi western railway line can be tapped at a distance of 12 kms only; flat terrain with no natural obstruction.
  • NH-8 from Mumbai to Delhi is about 34 KM & Mumbai Vadodara express way is at 18 KM only; will be linked to port by dedicated Rail and Road.
  • The Vadhvan Port will add container capacity of 15 Million TEUs in the year 2035, which will increase to 23.9 Million TEUs by 2040.

Master Plan Layout
Port Road & Rail Connectivity
Vadhvan Port project progress

  • TEFR Prepared by AECOM : 07-02-2016.
  • JV formed between JNPA and MMB/GOM : 14-04-2016.
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Vadhvan Port completed : 01-12-2018. (Revised in Sept 2019 — Container Port)
  • Approval from AERB June 2019 (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board).
  • In Principle approval as Major Port : 13-02-2020.
  • Notification of Major port at Vadhvan : 19-02 2020.