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Dock Entry procedure as per approved Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP)

The pass section under CISF control is authorized to issue passes as per the recommendation of various officers of the port.

  • Issue of Port Entry Pass

    Specific colour coded long term passes with photographs are issued by JNPA in line with the latest circular in force as follows:

    The colour coding of the above and other passes issued by the Port is as per the latest circular issued from time to time and records of same maintained.

    Red photographs

    Red photographs with light green/Pista background

    At the level of Managers of JNPA and above (issued by CM(A)&S)

    Blue photographs

    Blue photographs with a pink background

    Other officers of JNPA (issued by CM(A)&S)


    Grey photographs

    Grey photographs with a yellow background

    The administrative staff of JNPA (issued by CM(A)&S)


    Green photographs

    Green photographs with white background

    Operation staff of JNPA (issued by CM(A)&S)


  • The procedure for issuance of these passes is as follows:

    • Presently all regular personnel have a long term photo passes issued by JNPA.
    • The validity of permanent passes would be for a period of at least 1 year.
    • Initial issue of long term passes would be for 3 months and then extendable thrice only.
    • The police verification of character and antecedents certificate is mandatory for the casual labourers and other such categories of personnel who want entry into the port and apply for issue of port entry pass for a period of four months and above.
    • Until long term photo passes are issued; temporary photo passes will be issued by CISF on adequate supporting recommendations.
      Recommendations for Port Entry Passes in respect of Shipping Agents, Ship Chandlers and Ship Repairers should be given by the registered Shipping Agents.
      Recommendations for Port Entry Passes in respect of Contractors employed by various Port's departments/sections should be given by the authorized officers of the respective departments/sections.
    • Pass issuing authority will accept the letter of Authorization from Individual Agents who have declared their list of Employees for whom the pass is sought.
    • For permanent employees of private terminals, port entry passes may be issued by the terminal. The employee needs to submit either a copy of a valid passport or police no-objection certificate before a pass is issued. The details of the permanent employee port pass issued are communicated to CISF by the Terminal.
  • Passes For Government Employees, Semi Govt. Employees, PSUs, Port Users, Chas, Ship Chandlers, Repairers, Contractors, Railway Staff, Drivers Etc.

    • Employees of Govt. and Semi Govt., PSUs, Port Users, CHAs, Ship Chandlers, Repairers, Contractors, Port Users. Railway staff, light vehicle drivers, heavy vehicle drivers and others who need to enter the port frequently should have long term photo passes (above 7 days and up to one year).
    • These employees should submit an application to JNPA CISF in prescribed form in triplicate, through their employer, one having a photo pasted on it and two photos attached. The applicants will fill Part A of the application. The employers will fill Part B and attest the pasted photo of the applicant.
    • Self employers also will fill Part B. They are required to enclose a copy of the license issued by the Jawahar Customs House. The declaration in Part B may however be signed by an authorised representative of Bombay Customs House Agents' Association.
    • The authorised officer of JNPA will fill Part C.
    • The applicant/employer will submit the application to concerned police authorities for verification of character and antecedents in Part D of the form or in a separate memo signed by the competent police authorities.
    • On receipt of the application complete in all respects, JNPA CISF will issue a photo pass valid up to 3 to 12 months.
    • In case a person is already in possession of a valid photo pass issued after police verification, the photo pass can be extended by JNPA CISF on the same police verification for next year also.
    • Persons in the service of a Government, Semi Govt. or Autonomous Body or PSUs, JNPA employees and BOT Terminal Operators working within JNPA are exempted from police verification provided they produce original valid identity cards issued by their employing organizations. They should submit a photo copy of the identity card for records.
    • In respect of other categories, police verification is mandatory if they do not hold valid passport.
    • Similarly, persons possessing valid long-term dock entry permits issued by Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority will be issued photo passes temporarily for a period of six months. The passes can be extended only on production of a police verification certificate afresh or that received for obtaining the dock entry permits at Jawaharlal Nehru Port.
    • The driver of a heavy duty commercial vehicle should in addition to long-term photo pass issued by JNPA and driving license, submit Form No.13 in triplicate recording the serial number of the long-term photo pass and the number of the heavy duty commercial vehicle to JNPA CISF Gate-in-Charge at the time of entry to the port.
  • Issue Of Short Term Port Entry Passes

    Short term passes for one day or 2 to 7 days are also issued by the CISF based on the recommendation of authorized JNPA Officers, whose specimen signatures are held in a register with CISF. The passes are issued as per the latest circular in force.

    Colour coded location-specific short term passes to visitors are currently issued as follows: -

    Section 4.00 Port Facility Security Plan (ISPS CODE) Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority


</> < style="border-color: rgb(53, 152, 219);">Green: Admn. Bldg., POC, The workshop, Auto-Garage, Stores, office near Central Gate Comp
 </> < style="border-color: rgb(53, 152, 219);">Red: Port area, other than above
 </> < style="border-color: rgb(53, 152, 219);">Blue: DP WORLD/ GTI/ BPCL area

Note: The colour codes are changed every once in two years for security reasons.

The procedure for issuance of these passes is as follows:

    • All persons including drivers of light duty vehicles desiring entry to the port for short duration (up to 7 days) shall be issued photo passes. These passes can be extended for maximum three times only and if further extension is required then the application for long term issue of pass should be made in time.
    • The application for photo passes is made to the JNPA CISF in the form for one day or for 2 to 7 days through the present employer and JNPA. The applicant will fill part A. The employer will fill part B and attest the photos. An authorized officer of JNPA will fill part C.
    • The self-employed apply directly to JNPA CISF through JNPA after filling Part A and B. If the application is made in advance in triplicate, each having a photo pasted on it, CISF will return two copies of the application with authorization to the applicant who can use it as a photo pass after getting the endorsement from CISF Shift i/c at the gate.
    • Submission of a photo with the application will not be necessary for those who are in possession of a photo identity cards issued by a Govt., Semi Govt., Autonomous Body or PSU or driving licence, passport etc. to get a computerised job pass for short period.

      Visitor's Pass

      • The application for a visitor's pass is made to the JNPA CISF by the visitors through their employers and JNPA in the form. These passes shall be valid from 7 AM to 7 PM.
      • The application should be in triplicate having a photo posted on each. CISF will return two copies of the application with authorisation to the applicant who can use it as a photo pass after getting the endorsement from CISF Shift i/c at the gate.
      • One copy of the application with a photo attested by the employer and recommended by an authorised officer of JNPA will suffice for issue of a computerised photo pass.
      • Submission of a photo with the application will not be necessary for those who are in possession of photo identity card issued by a Govt., Semi Govt., Autonomous Body or PSU or driving license or passport etc.

Passes For Foreigners

The passes for foreigners shall be issued only when recommended by DY conservator and PFSO or DY PFSO and the request shall be accompanied with a copy of a valid passport and VISA.

Passes For Visiting Ships

The passes for visiting the ships shall only be issued if the application has been recommended by agents, terminal, ship's Master and authorised JNPA officer. The same shall also apply to the ladies/families visiting the ships in port.

General Instructions

    • Every pass issued by the CISF will be numbered serially for identification and records of passes issued with the identification numbers will be maintained for reference in future when required.
    • If a pass is not required by the authorised person before expiry of its validity, then the pass should be returned to JNPA CISF.
    • The pass holder is responsible for the safety and proper use of the pass.
    • The pass holder is required to lodge a complaint in the police station for the loss of the pass and pay a penalty of Rs. 100/- to JNPA for renewal of the pass.
    • Penal action will be initiated against any misuse of the pass.
    • All persons holding passes issued by CISF will display their passes on their person throughout the time while they are in the port premises or administration building.
    • CISF is authorised to check passes, driving licenses, belongings and vehicles at any time inside the port area and administration building.
    • Officers holding the ranks of Deputy Manager and above are authorised to recommend issue of passes.
    • Each JNPA department will notify the names and signatures of the officers who are authorised to give the recommendations to CISF. In other cases, issue of passes can be recommended only by the officers holding the rank of Manager and above.
    • Asst. Manager (Marketing) and the CPRO are authorised to recommend issue of port entry passes to official guests and school children only.
    • PS to Chairman and PS to Dy. Chairman is authorised to recommend issue of passes for visitors coming to meet Chairman/Dy. Chairman.
    • DP WORLD, APMT, BPCL, IOC, CUSTOMS, PHO and other organizations including shipping lines/regular port users working in the port on long term basis will authorise not more than three officers to recommend issue of passes and inform CISF and JNPA their names and specimen signatures.
    • Computer-generated short term port entry photo passes will be issued by CISF on the production of receipt of payment to JNPA of Rs. 5/- per person.
    • Long term port entry passes will be issued by CISF on the production of receipt of payment of Rs. 30/- per person to JNPA.
    • All official guests of JNPA will be exempted from the payment for passes.
    • All vehicles including vehicles of JNPA employees will be issued long term vehicle entry passes by CISF on production of receipt of payment to JNPA of Rs. 30/- per vehicle on submission of an application in prescribed form with a copy of driving license, RC book and insurance certificate.
    • Passes will be issued for entry to JNP, DP WORLD and APMT separately. The person or vehicle holding a pass for entry only to JNP cannot enter through DP WORLD/APMT Gate. A person or vehicle holding a pass for entry only to DP WORLD or APMT cannot enter bulk/container gate. The same procedure applies to the materials also. Special permission can be granted to use other gates in case of an emergency by CM(O) or CM(A)&S for a limited time only.
    • The residents of JNP Township holding multipurpose identity cards will be allowed port entry only to avail the launch facility, if applicable.
    • CISF will keep specimen signatures of officers authorised to recommend issue of passes. It is the responsibility of these officers to satisfy themselves with the bonafides of the persons requesting for issue of passes.
    • A copy of the work order for works awarded inside the port area and administration building may be given to CISF to enable them to keep a track on the validity of passes and movements of materials. A condition should be incorporated in the work order that the contractor should surrender all the passes issued to their employees on expiry of contract and the final bill will be settled on receiving confirmation of CISF in this regard.
    • Permission to issue short term passes will not be entertained if the applicant has taken short term passes continuously for more than 30 days. They have to obtain a long term photo pass after following the prescribed procedure.
    • The passes for the persons intending to visit any Pakistani vessel will be issued by CISF on the recommendation of the Manager (Vigilance)/Dy. Manager (Vigilance) for a period not exceeding 12 hrs at a time and only during day time (0700 to 1900 hrs) after verifying the purpose of the visit and the relevant documents.
    • No place of worship in the operational area shall be permitted to avoid unsuitable actions.
    • The expired passes to be returned at the CISF pass section during office hours.
    • Appropriate port entry passes could be issued 12 hours before their initial validity and is to be collected by the concerned party.
    • Vendors are not permitted to sell any items inside the port with instant effect.
    • The heavy vehicle engaged as an export vehicle and not registered with JNPA is also required to submit Form XIII.
    • The person or vehicle holding permission for entry to either DP WORLD/GTIPL/BPCL or JNPCT shall enter through the gate marked for such terminals only.
    • Haphazard parking of two-wheelers or four-wheelers are not permitted at the berths.
    • Unauthorized operation of an office in a port cabin in the port area shall not be permitted.
    • The Police immigration shall continue to issue shore leave passes to the seafarers, as per the prevailing situation.
    • Shipping Agents, Ship Chandlers, Ship Repairers, Contractors employed by various departments/sections, Workshops, Surveyors etc. should submit a list of their authorized employees to CISF along with the period of contract, if any.
    • No Work Order will be insisted on in respect of those Ship Agents whose names have been advised by the Port to the CISF.
    • Expired passes must be returned to JNPA CISF in time. Non-submission of these passes would attract a minor penalty of Rs. 5/- per month leviable to the company requesting for the pass.

AP MT Container Operations

The Container movement at APMT is monitored by JNPA's Web-based E-Form 13. In addition to the JNPA procedure, particulars of the driver's license and photographs are also included in the list of documents required for the movement of the container trailers are captured through Gate Automation System. Otherwise, JNPA issued entry permit for driver is also accepted along with E-Form 13.

APMT has also promulgated vehicular traffic management system for the smooth operation of container trailers inside APMT container Terminal.

Port Support and Services

The Port provides

  1. Pilotage
  2. Tugs and pilot launches
  3. Security Launches
  4. Bunker and freshwater supply service
  5. Immigration service for crew and supernumeraries
  6. Multipurpose Utility Launch

The list of port crafts owned and hired by JNPA is as per updated list with the Marine Department of the Port. 8 Nos. of hired tugs, 4 Nos. of hired Pilot Boats, 2 Nos. of hired Patrol Launches, 1 No. hired Multipurpose Launch is operational in addition to the Port owned launches for VIP movements.