Integrity Pact The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has been promoting integrity, transparency, equity and competitiveness in Government/PSU transactions. In this context, the Commission has recommended adoption of Integrity Pact in respect of major procurements in the Government organizations and PSUs. In line with the directives from CVC/Ministry of Shipping, GoI, JNPA has decided to adopt Integrity Pact for all the contracts having a threshold value of Rs 1 crores and above for Administration (including Hospital), Marine, M&EE, Traffic and Finance Department. As regards to PP&D Department the threshold value has been fixed as 10 crores. The pact essentially envisages an agreement between the prospective vendors/bidders and JNPA, committing the persons/officials of both sides, not to resort to any corrupt practices in any aspect/stage of the contract. Only those vendors/bidders, who commit themselves to such a Pact with JNPA, would be considered competent to participate in the bidding process. Standard Operating Procedure •    Integrity Pact (IP) has to be signed with bidders/contractors in the case estimated value of each Purchase Order/Contract is exceeding the threshold value indicated above.•    The bidders are required to sign and submit the Integrity Pact along with their bids. Bids received without signed IP would be rejected.•    IP would be included in the NIT/RFQ/Enquiry.•    IP shall cover all phases of the contract i.e. from the stage of Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)/pre-bid stage until the conclusion of the contract, i.e. the final payment to vendor/contractor. IEM of JNPA 1. Shri. Ajai Kumar      2601, Tower C, Ashok Tower, Opp. Bharat Mata Cinema, Parel (East), Mumbai – 400012.    +91 96192 72893

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